Interested in becoming a member?

We currently offer two kind of memberships: Active and Associate.

  • Active Membership

Any deaf or hard of hearing pilot or student pilot may become an Active Member of the Association. A pilot is defined as one having any type of pilot certificate issued by the United States of America Federal Aviation Administration. Student pilots shall show evidence of ground school attendance or flight training.

  • Associate Membership

Associate Membership is extended to any person who is not eligible for Active Membership. Such persons will be entitled to all rights and privileges of active membership other than the right to hold offices in the Association and to vote.

Send a letter to the Membership Secretary and be sure to include your full-membership ($35/yr.) or associate-membership ($20/yr.) dues to:

Deaf Pilots Association, Inc.
Treasurer & Membership Secretary
1015 Michigan St.
Mexico, MO 65265

All checks and money order needs to be payable to “Deaf Pilots Association, Inc.”

Your letter must include the following information:

– First, middle initial, and last name (i.e. John B. Smith)
– Type of membership applying for (Full or Associate)
– Whether you are Deaf, Hard-of-hearing, or Hearing
– Type of Pilot certificate held (Student, Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial, etc., – IF applying for Full membership)
– Evidence of ground school instruction or flight training (Student Pilots only)

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Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding membership with the DPA, send an e-mail to our
Membership Secretary .

DPA Membership requirements and dues can be found in our by-laws under Article IV and V.