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Pilot FAQ Sheet for the 2022 Fly-in

Aircraft Rentals at Anderson Aviation FAQ's

Website Address:

Physical Address: 29890 Bulverde Lane, #27, Bulverde, TX 78163

Email Address:

Phone Number: (830) 438-4359 Voice/Landline (No SMS/Text Capability)

Rental and Instructor rates on website current?   -   Yes.

Are the rates wet or dry?   -   Wet.

Minimum time and certification required to checkout and rent aircraft?

  • Ercoupe (LSA) = Sport Pilot & 5 hours in Make & Model

  • PA-28-140/160/180/Archer = Private Pilot & No Minimum

  • PA-32 Cherokee Six = Private Pilot & 10 hours in Make & Model

  • PA-30 Twin Commanche - Private Pilot w/Multi-engine & Instrument Rating, 50 hours in Milti-engine, 25 hours in Make & Model, 300 hours Pilot in Command

Are there any daily minimums for renting these aircraft?   -   No.

Is aircraft rental insurance required to rent aircraft? - Yes. See Anderson Aviation's Insurance Requirement Form for details. If you don't have a non-owned aircraft insurance policy that covers Anderson Aviation's minimum for hull damage for the type of aircraft you want to rent, and you're looking for a short term insurance might want to consider looking into Starr Gate for your aircraft insurance needs. 

Do the aircraft rates include everything, or are taxes separate?   -  Separate. Tax rate is 8.25% when renting. Taxes don't apply when flight instruction is involved.

There is also a $10/hour fuel surcharge added on top of the single engine aircraft's hourly wet rate.

What payments do you accept?    -   Debit, MasterDebit, and most credit cards are accepted and needs to be on file. We do accept cash payments up front. Cash payments deposited up front and not completely used up at the end of your stay, will be refunded back.

How many flight instructors do you have?   -   Currently 8.

What does the typical checkout involve?   -   Your typical checkout will include discussing and answering questions with a CFI, preflight, aircraft maneuvers including power on/off stalls and recovery, and emergency procedures to demonstrate your ability to safely fly the aircraft. Typically done in about 1-2 hours.

Is there a written part of the aircraft checkout questionnaire?   -   No. All questions will be discussed with the instructor.

Will a checkout in an Archer satisfy the checkout in a 180/160/140?   -   Yes. A checkout in a 140 however will not satisfy a checkout in a 160, and a 160 in a 180, and so on. 

Can I sign up on your FlightSchedulePro if I already have an account through another flight school or flying club?   -   Yes.Contact us on how.

Are aircraft permitted to land on soft fields/grass runways?   -   Yes and No. Generally not permitted unless permission is granted. We do allow soft field landings at Llano if you've been checked out for that.

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