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Becoming a Member

We are excited you are interested in becoming a member of the Deaf Pilots Association!


It is important to note that we offer two kind of memberships: Active and Associate.


The main difference between two membership options rests with the power to vote, who is eligible to cast these votes, and the ability to hold offices within the Association. (For details on these, please see our Bylaws.) The Deaf Pilots Association is designed to be representative of and reflective of the interest of our Deaf members, and for this reason only Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing pilots and student pilots are eligible to become Active Members. That being said, we welcome everyone of all walks, background, and stripes to also join as an Associate member to help support, influence, guide, encourage and shape our organization as a friend and ally in promoting and protecting the interests of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing pilots within the larger aviation community/industry.

Within the Active and Associate memberships we have the option to pay yearly, or make a one time "lifetime membership" donation. 

These are our current membership due rates.


  • Active: $35

  • Associate: $20


  • Active: $300 (donated at any time)

  • Associate: $300 (donated at any time)

We accept payments through Zelle. We are enrolled as:

Business Name: Deaf Pilots Association.

E-mail address:

*Please provide your First/Last Name, indicate Hearing/HoH/Deaf, and type of pilot certificate you hold.

  (Examples: Marlon Bates, Deaf, Student Pilot. - or -  Vanessa Martinez, Hearing, None held.)

Once we receive your payment, we will confirm receipt of your payment and add you to our organization's membership database.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

Thank you for joining and becoming part of our organization! Your support makes a difference.

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