Day One Members!

As we wrap the first day of the public operation of our new website, we would like to thank the following members for participating on the very first day of operations!

New/Renewed Paid Memberships:

  • Kaimana Cooper - A previous member who renewed his membership with us today. He is an active deaf private pilot with a Multi-Engine Rating, along with High Performance and Complex Endorsements. Thanks for continuing your support of DPA, Kaimana!

  • Richard Knopf - We'd like to give a warm welcome to our newest Active Member! Richard is a new student pilot from Massachusetts, and is also an avid flight simulator user as well. We hope you find your membership with us beneficial, Richard, and we look forward to seeing you succeed in your journey to become a licensed deaf pilot!

Website Sign-Ups:

  • TJ Courtney Bertling - Courtney is an active member of DPA who is an Ultralight and Light Sport pilot, owns two aircraft, and is a truck driver and is one of the only deaf Ground Instructors in the country. Thank you for being a part of our community, Courtney!

  • Anthony Panto - Anthony is another deaf pilot who is also a truck driver. He holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate along with a Multi Engine Rating, and High Performance/Complex Endorsements. Welcome to the website, Anthony!

We also welcome the following to our website community. Thank you for participating in the grand opening of our new home, and we hope to see you become Associate or Active Members when the time is right!

  • Ericko Ampuero

  • Mario Essig

  • John Vercillo

  • Nathan Krall

  • Omid Nouri

Thank you to everyone who took the time to show their support, and we hope to continue to see this kind of fabulous growth of our community! Sign up on our website today - it's fast and free!

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