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Pilot FAQ Sheet for the 2024 Fly-in

Aircraft Rentals at Wings Flight Training (DVK) FAQ's

Website Address:

Physical Address: 420 Airport Road Danville, KY 40422

Email Address: Be sure to send an e-mail to BOTH Dale at and CC: Adrian at  

Phone Number: 859.401.2861


Rental and Instructor rates on website current?   -   No. Aircraft rental rates have increased to $185/hour. Instructor rates is still $85/hour.

What kind of planes are available? - We have a fleet of Cessna 172N's, with one having glass avionics.

Are the rates wet or dry?   -   Wet.

Minimum time required to checkout and rent aircraft?

  • 2.5 Hours if current and proficient in type.

Are there any daily minimums for renting these aircraft?   -   At this time, it is yet to be determined.

Do the aircraft rates include taxes?   - No.

How many flight instructors do you have?   -  Four at DVK, and about 12 at other Wings Flight Training locations. 

What does the typical checkout look like?   -   1 hour ground to make sure POH, procedure, and emergency knowledge is intact, and 1.2 flight time with 0.3 for debrief. 

Is there a written part of the aircraft checkout questionnaire?   -   Not at this time, but that is a possibility. 

Will a checkout in one aircraft satisfy the checkout in another aircraft?   -   Yes, if they're of the same avionics suite. We only have one full glass panel at this time. 

Is there an online URL website we will use to secure our rentals? - No, our team will schedule you guys. 

Are aircraft permitted to land on soft fields/grass runways?   -   Yes, as long as the pilot proficiency is demonstrated during the checkout.

Do you allow for night flights in your rentals? - Yes, as long as you are night current.

Do we first fly and then pay? Or do you require funds to be paid up front? - You would pay after the flight. 

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